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Aellora Digital Introduces SureFire Small Format Digital Printing System


Aellora Digital, a Markem company providing digital chemistries, drop-on-demand inkjet systems and services for commercial, graphic and other digital printing, imaging and dispensing applications, has introduced its new SureFire TKMP 1000 Small Format Digital Printing Systems for jetting its high performance hybrid UV-curable white and color jetting inks.
These fully integrated turnkey print systems are designed for industrial use offering high print outputs for a broad range of substrate types and thicknesses.
“These new turnkey offerings are in response to customers wanting a cost-effective industrial flatbed solution for smaller objects,” said Mario Carluccio, business development manager for Aellora.
“We believe these digital print systems can fill that need by providing a low cost solution, which enables quick job turnaround and personalization capabilities on many types of materials,” Mr. Carluccio said. “So, if you are screen or pad printing today, and are looking for a digital solution, we believe this system is for you.”            
The SureFire Digital Print Engine was developed for use with hybrid UV-curable jetting inks developed by Aellora Digital. These inks exhibit high viscosity characteristics at room temperature, but liquefy at elevated temperatures so when the ink drops hit the room temperature substrate; they immediately “freeze” in position and do not require pinning to maintain drop integrity.
Since the drop size stays true, high resolution images, text and barcodes are possible on the widest variety of substrates, including many papers, plastics, untreated glass, metals and ceramics, according to the company.