Fresh Ink

Siegwerk Develops New Ink Series for Paper and Tissue


With its newly developed ink series ZWPT 76 for paper and tissue, the Siegwerk Group has introduced a product that meets the high demands of the printers as well as the consumers. The new water-based ink series for flexographic printing is characterized by a low odor level, outstanding printing properties, high color strength and exceptionally good resistance to abrasion. Paper and tissue products can be created attractively and in a high optical quality.
The new Siegwerk ink series is characterized by high resistance to typical contact substances such as water, fats and oils, as well as weak acidic or alkaline products. It therefore meets the criteria of the European standard DIN EN 646, which defines the specific requirements and testing methods for the use of tissue articles such as serviettes, handkerchiefs or kitchen paper.
Above all, customers profit from the new ink series due to the excellent printing properties. ZWPT 76 is not prone to setting, so that there are fewer production stops for cleaning. This contributes to the optimization of the entire printing process and helps clients to save costs and time.