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K&M Introduces Liberty VOC-Free Sheetfed Inks


At Print ’05, Kohl & Madden will introduce Liberty sheetfed inks, a breakthrough, VOC-free technology that offers competitive advantages for its users.
“Liberty inks offer productivity and quality advantages beyond any other ink products we have seen in recent years,” said Brad Bergey, president, Kohl & Madden, the commercial inks division of Sun Chemical. “These ultra-high performance inks should have an instant and measurable impact on a printer’s ability to improve their competitiveness and profitability.”
Liberty inks utilize a proprietary formula and were developed in K&M’s new applications laboratory in Northlake, IL. This cutting-edge technology allows the inks to stay open on press without drying for days. At the same time, the ink will dry virtually instantaneously once printed on substrate.
“This super-fast drying allows the printed product to be sent from the press to finishing and bindery operations in a matter of minutes rather than the hours that are necessary with conventional offset inks, without fear of blocking and other printing problems,” said Les Watkins, K&M director, sheetfed products. He pointed out that this can virtually eliminate extended drying periods, cutting production time and handling, while allowing faster delivery of finished goods.
Mr. Watkins also said the stay-open characteristics of Liberty inks and its ability to be used on a wide range of papers in different applications reduce the need for frequent press washes. At the same time, good copies can be produced very quickly as the inks rapidly come up to strength and are extremely stable on press. These two factors dramatically cut start-up and running waste. A major advantage of Liberty inks is that they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC) used in virtually all inks, except energy-curing inks.