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Tokyo Printing Ink, GraphLine Announce Distribution Agreement


GraphLine Inc. and Tokyo Printing Ink Corporation have announced a strategic distribution agreement whereby GraphLine will sell, service and support Tokyo Printing Ink’s full line of Zipset printing ink, varnishes and additives throughout the U.S. The alliance will increase market penetration for Tokyo Printing Ink products and provide a comprehensive ink line to GraphLine’s portfolio.
As a leading provider of graphic arts supplies to the printing industry, GraphLine continually strives to provide customers with brand name products, distribution, service and support.
The distribution agreement encompasses Tokyo Printing’s full line of vegetable-based, wax-free printing inks and varnishes, including the GP-1 Process Series, a fast setting, stay open ink solution; XLR Process Series, a wide latitude, emulsification-fighting older press ink solution; FF Process Series, an in-line, high mileage ink solution capable of providing 700 line screens; and for special printing or press requirements, exclusive formulated Hybrid and Waterless Series solutions. The agreement will also empower GraphLine to provide mixing services in its distribution centers strategically located throughout the U.S.
Tokyo Printing Ink joins GraphLine, Inc.’s other offerings, which include Kodak Polychrome Graphics, Mitsubishi, HighWater, Autotype and BBA Nonwovens. GraphLine also offers a variety of private label lines of imagesetting films, metal plates, chemistries, blankets and other consumables.
Founded in 1923, Tokyo Printing Ink Corporation produces and markets a wide range of premium lithographic inks and peripheral products for the global printing industry.