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Sun Chemical, InkSure Form SunSure to Develop Authentication Solutions


Sun Chemical Group B.V. ( and InkSure Technologies Inc., a developer of covert encoded-ink authentication solutions, have launched a  strategic marketing alliance to offer machine-readable ink-based brand and document authentication solutions under the SunSure brand name.
Tailored to the exact needs of each client, SunSure solutions harness the quality of Sun Chemical’s inks and coatings together with the flexibility and affordability of InkSure’s proprietary authentication technologies, to slash counterfeit and diversion losses.
SunSure’s underlying concept is the use of “encoded ink,” ink embedded with unique signature codes, in the printing of documents, product packaging and other applications and the ability to “sense” the ink using low-cost optical readers. InkSure’s proprietary reader technology can be incorporated into a variety of devices as required by specific applications, ranging from low-cost, hand-held readers, all the way to high-speed production-line devices.
“As a company committed to ‘total value,’ we have been looking at innovative ways to support our customers’ needs for more effective weapons against enormous counterfeit and diversion losses – especially in today’s difficult environment,” Richard Pettifor, group managing director and corporate VP for Sun Chemical, said. “Our long search for the best machine-readable solution available and extensive evaluation have convinced us that InkSure’s extraordinary technology has the potential to revolutionize the authentication market. We are confident SunSure will be the key to exciting new business opportunities for both our  companies.”  
“We are proud to partner with one of the industry’s major forces to fight one of the market’s most serious unsolved problems” said Yaron Meerfeld, CEO of InkSure Technologies. “This agreement is a watershed opportunity for InkSure that will help us achieve broad industry awareness and a substantially increased user base. We have begun joint marketing activities, and are encouraged by early reactions from evaluation trials at the sites of potential customers.”