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INX International Introduces New Paste Ink Dispensing Technology


INX International Ink Co. ( has introduced a new paste-ink dispensing system for customers – a self-contained, advanced technology system that eliminates costly traditional-system pumps, complex installation and huge space requirements.
Designed in cooperation with Northbrook, IL-based GFI Innovations, LLC, the new OPL (offset paste lithographic) series systems offer speed and accuracy benefits that, until now, were available only to liquid ink users – or for paste inks, only with traditional dispensing systems that were too costly for all but the largest, high-volume printing operations.
“Now many more printers can say ‘good-bye’ to tedious knife work, digging ink out of pails,” said Dan Babe, INX customer engineering services director, who has supervised development of the OPL dispensers.
“More importantly, they can say ‘hello’ to getting on-press quickly with precisely formulated colors in small batch amounts – in-house capabilities that could help them take on more higher end jobs, as well as deliver fast turnaround jobs more cost-effectively.”