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DuPont to Market Custom Liquid Colorants, Fine Particle Dispersions


DuPont has formed a new business unit to offer custom formulated liquid colorants and fine particle dispersions to manufacturers in the plastics industry. The offering will provide customers with a range of individualized services from initial development through manufacture. DuPont Specialty Colorants and Additives will be a part of DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies.
“Historically, DuPont has used its dispersion technology, color chemistry, polymer science and formulation capabilities to create high-quality liquid colorants and fine particle dispersions for its internal needs,” said John Fitch, DuPont Specialty Colorants and Additives’ business development manager. “DuPont businesses involved in the automotive and industrial paint, digital ink, fibers and polymers markets have long used this capability to enhance their product offerings.” The acquisition of the Herberts coatings businesses has given DuPont significant additional capabilities in research and development, engineering and manufacturing.
“We solve color, productivity and application problems,” said George Wheeler, DuPont Specialty Colorants and Additives product manager. “Our solutions help customers add value to their products and reduce cost.”
DuPont Specialty Colorants and Additives employs a wide range of specialty polymers and dispersants to achieve optimum particle size and batch to batch consistency delivering exceptional tint strength, viscosity control and shelf life.