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DuPont Ink Jet, Ichinose Unveil Digital Textile Printing System


DuPont Ink Jet announced the partnership of its DuPont Artistri technology for digital textile printing with the Ichinose Toshin Kogyo Co. Ltd. Ichinose 2020. Together, they comprise the first fully-integrated, production-capable digital textile printing solution for the apparel industry.
The system will provide new opportunities and enhance operations for companies in the printed textile industry and will reduce the design-to-production cycle from weeks to days as compared to existing screen-printing methods. The four popular ink chemistries – acid dye, reactive dye, disperse dye and pigment – will all be available for the 2020 printer.
The partnership was unveiled at the Japan International Apparel Machinery (JIAM) 2002 trade show. The system will be commercially available in fall 2002.
“The system will open up new ways of creating and marketing prints in the textile and apparel industry,” said Brad Peiper, global sales and service manager, DuPont Ink Jet. “With the speed, quality and affordability of our technology accompanied with the Ichinose 2020, designers and manufacturers will have new ways to produce custom and short-run production prints profitably.”
The design and printing of a new sample pattern may take up to six weeks and cost greater than $10,000 using conventional screen-printing, according to DuPont. The same pattern could be accomplished in days, at a fraction of the cost, using Artistri and the Ichinose 2020. In a digital system, design changes are enabled through software, without needing to engrave screens.
The Ichinose 2020 enables sample, strike-off and short-run digital production printing of fabrics up to two meters wide. The system and inks are designed for almost all fiber contents.