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Sun Chemical Adds Streamline ESL HPQ, Ultima HPQ to Streamline Range


Meets the stringent demands of the latest wide format printing equipment

Sun Chemical launched Streamline ESL HPQ and Streamline Ultima HPQ to meet the stringent demands of the latest wide format printing equipment.

The Streamline range is designed specifically for use in wide and super-wide format printers that are using high-quality solvent based inks. With the ever-increasing pressure and developments of the print market, Sun Chemical is continuously making improvements to product performance ensuring that they are of the highest quality and meet the needs of this expanding market.

The Streamline ESL HPQ and Ultima HPQ ranges have been developed following extensive feedback of customer needs. The new products provide high print reliability and print quality.

Nick Goodall, The Colour Crew general manager, participated in the beta testing scheme for Sun Chemical’s Streamline Ultima HPQ.

“We’ve had a very positive experience with Ultima HPQ - no problems at all,” Mr. Goodall said. “We had an issue with blocked ink heads with our previous ink system which increased the amount of down time. Cleaning and replacing them was a significant cost to the business. Essentially, with Sun Chemical’s Streamline ink system, we’re getting the highest quality ink product and performance at half the price of OEM.”

Steve Moralee, director, AM Printshop Ltd, also participated in the beta testing scheme for Streamline ESL HPQ.

“We are very impressed with ESL HPQ,” Mr. Moralee noted. “We are now also much more in control of our ink outlay. In the past, the amount of ink we used on a job was so varied that it was difficult for us to estimate the total production cost. Sun Chemical’s new Streamline ink system has provided us with outstanding print quality while reducing our material costs by more than 50%. This means that we are now in a position to compete commercially on a national level, creating a whole host of new business opportunities.”

The new additions to the Streamline range have been carefully matched to the original products for both color shade and strength as well as physical properties, enabling customers to continue to use all the existing settings when converting from the original inks.

Both ranges have very high print quality that exceed OEM product performance in many cases and also feature excellent adhesion to a wide range of media commonly used in the sign and graphics markets such as; photo labs, digital print shops, exhibition printers, graphic art bureaus, sign shops, screen printers, repro houses and commercial printers.

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