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Flint Group Hosts Flexo Round Table


New rotec Lightweight Sleeve is presented.

At the end of November 2015, Flint Group held traditional customer event, Flexo Round Table. This time, conference venues were Damme (Lower Saxony, Germany) and Fichtenau (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany). The events reached an attendance record with a total of approximately 120 participants.
A key subject of the event was the new rotec Lightweight Sleeve, which was exclusively presented to the conference members before it was launched to the market. This new generation of hard-coated sleeves for conventional plate mounting with adhesive tapes offers weight savings up to 40% compared to standard sleeves and meets a range of customers’ requirements in the mid to wide web and pre-print sector.
Additionally, the rotec Lightweight Sleeve’s edge is sealed with an aluminum plate, which protects the sleeve from exposure to cleaning liquids, inks or solvents and prevents unnatural diameter growth of the sleeve. The new sleeves are available in rotec Omega Surface Technology for use of solvent-based inks.
It was with great interest, that participants listened to the information about the nyloflex FTF Digital plate. This plate was introduced into the market in the summer of 2015, and provides the Easy Way to Flat Top Dots.

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