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Heidelberg Stahlfolder PFX Feeder Technology Earns 2014 InterTech Technology Award


Honored for extending benefits of the stream feeder technology used in Heidelberg offset presses to the folding department

Printing Industries of America has honored Heidelberg’s Stahlfolder PFX (Pallet Feeder eXtended) Feeder Technology with a 2014 InterTech Technology Award.
“Lean manufacturing principles are more important in printing today than ever before, and the finishing department is rightfully acknowledged as a full participant in the drive to reduce costs, minimize waste and generate higher profits,” said Dr. Frank Schaum, head of HeidelbergPostpress Commercial. “This is the 33rd time a Heidelberg innovation has received an InterTech Technology Award, and we are very happy and proud of it.”
The Stahlfolder PFX Feeder was recognized for its success in extending the proven benefits of the stream feeder technology used in Heidelberg offset presses to the folding department. Heidelberg’s Stahlfolder PFX Feeder Technology promotes lean production, reduces overhead labor costs, and increases net output up to 50% compared with conventional production. The PFX also yields a 50% reduction in feeder faults, even on wavy or curled stocks. The feeder also makes the machine much more ergonomically operator friendly and allows users to achieve the highest run speeds without adding a helper to the operation.
Customers that have installed a high-speed folder with PFX feeder typically replace two or three existing machines, freeing up floor/intermediate paper storage space and reducing the overhead labor cost per shift, including costs associated with injuries due to the repetitive stress and strain of lifting sheets of paper onto a feed table. In addition to boosting efficiency with lower capital investment, the Stahlfolder PFX feeder also drives down the total cost of manufacturing while driving up profits.
“Heidelberg’s Stahlfolder PFX Feeder Technology enables postpress operations - often considered an unavoidable bottleneck - to keep pace with today’s supercharged pressrooms,” said Mark Bohan, vice president, technology and research, Printing Industries of America. “Our judges were impressed with the cost savings, productivity improvements, and enhanced profit potential flowing from the ability to drive sheets more efficiently through the shop.”

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