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EFI’s Entry-Level Production LED Printer Creates Flatbed Opportunities at K.C. FASTSIGNS Franchise


Announced installation of a new, hybrid roll/flatbed EFI H1625 LED printer

EFI announced the installation of a new, hybrid roll/flatbed EFI H1625 LED printer at a Kansas City-area FASTSIGNS franchise. The Gladstone, MO, FASTSIGNS center is now growing its business with the 65-inch wide printer by producing high-quality, flatbed-printed parking lot signage, backlit signs and other display graphics.
The FASTSIGNS center, which does a significant amount of flatbed printing on aluminum and aluminum composite substrates, needed the printer to accommodate challenges its previous equipment could not handle.
“The older hybrid printer we had in our facility was not performing the way we wanted it to, and the manufacturer had discontinued the service warranty for that model,” said Gregg Kruse, who is a co-owner of the franchise location along with his wife, Diane.
The EFI printer’s white ink capabilities, combined with its single-pass, multilayer printing and its true eight-level, variable-drop grayscale printheads, provided a competitive quality advantage in flatbed production throughput.
Unlike many other entry-level, wide-format production printers, the EFI H1625 LED printer has white ink loaded all the time. Kruse’s printer operators do not have to remove inks, clear ink lines and install white ink every time it is needed for a job, a process that involves significant printer downtime, waste and labor cost.
The printer’s “cool cure” LED technology handles roll or flatbed media that cannot withstand the heat of other curing or drying processes. Plus, its instant on/off LED lamps provide more consistent imaging with fewer wasted prints. The lamps also last longer than the lamps employed in traditional UV inkjet printers, reducing users’ consumables costs.
The printer also is a greener option compared to other print methods, printing with virtually no VOCs, plus the printer’s LED lamps can significantly decrease power consumption.

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