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Dr. Huoy-Jen Yuh Joins XACTIV Inc. Fellows Team


Strengthes ability to address materials challenges in electrophotography, inkjet digital printing

XACTIV Inc. announces that Dr. Huoy-Jen Yuh has become the 30th member of the exclusive XACTIV Fellows Team, further strengthening the company’s ability to address materials challenges encountered in its electrophotography and inkjet digital printing materials and systems development and consulting activities.
XACTIV Fellows are recognized experts, senior technologists, professors or were previously senior technical managers within major corporations who are called on to support XACTIV programs requiring in-depth specialized knowledge and experience.
XACTIV Inc., a subsidiary of Torrey Pines Research Group, is an independent, interdisciplinary, product development and deployment provider specializing in the precision coating, placement and patterning of active liquids and powders enabling extraordinary 2D and 3D product performance. They develop, optimize, and supply digital printing-related inkjet, electrophotography and electrodeposition processes and custom application-specific inks and other functional liquids and powders.
They also provide concept development, engineering, and manufacturing of functional or active liquid and powder patterning systems and proprietary products manufactured using these advanced processes and systems.
Dr. Yuh has 30 years of experience in R&D of digital printing technologies. At Xerox Corporation, she developed expertise in fundamental materials studies, device development (formulation and fabrication), systems integration and photoreceptor production support. Dr. Yuh led development teams successfully delivering new products, productivity, cost reduction and benchmarking on consumables and key components for xerographic printers. She is a certificated six-sigma black belt and was a conference chair for the NIP25 international conference. She was awarded her doctorate degree in physical chemistry from the University of Chicago. She has 69 U.S. patents and has authored 18 publications.
“We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Yuh become the thirtieth member of our exclusive team of world-class technical digital printing experts. Her in-depth knowledge of materials crucial to many electrophotography technologies will directly benefit our client’s development and production programs,” said Peter Mason, president of XACTIV Inc.

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