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Ross Offers Agitated Vessels with Silicone Heating Blanket

Published August 19, 2014
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Ross offers new custom Agitated Vessels with silicone heating blanket for processes that cannot accommodate the conventional jacket, which requires a heating fluid. Shown are portable 50-gallon Agitated Vessels Model VSL-50 fabricated in stainless steel 316 and designed for atmospheric operation. Silicone heating blankets and temperature sensors are installed on the sidewalls and dished bottom of the vessel. Bolt-on insulation and sheathing are also provided.

Suitable for low viscosity solutions and suspensions, the vessel’s propeller agitator is driven by a ½ HP inverter-duty motor and controlled from a NEMA 4X stainless steel panel that includes an E-Stop mushroom head, cycle timer, digital heater temperature comptrollers and a high temperature alarm.

Ross Agitated Vessels are highly customizable and can be supplied with any number of sight/charge ports and process connections. The cover of this particular VSL-50 has dedicated tri-clamp ports for an RTD temperature probe and a rotating CIP spray ball. Finished product is discharged through a clean design ball valve 12” above the floor. Casters on the vessel legs are provided for easy movement.

To discuss your fabrication needs and request a quotation, call 1-800-243-ROSS(7677).

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