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UltraJet DUV-A: Alternative Inks for Océ Arizona and Fuji Acuity

Published July 22, 2014
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Marabu’s UltraJet DUV-A ink series is a good alternative choice for Océ Arizona and Fuji Acuity printers, offering excellent properties and a host of benefits to users. They span an extensive color gamut and demonstrate outstanding adhesion to a variety of substrates.

To enable the use of UV-curable inkjet inks, a bulk system is required. Marabu offers the Bulk System BS-A, with individual tanks with a volume of one liter can be built into the machine in place of the ink bags and filled from one-liter containers.

Switching to Marabu inkjet inks is simple. And the results speak for themselves: maximum cost-efficiency and the right printing outcome every time.

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