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PT. Toyo Ink Indonesia Hosts Private Trade Show to Commemorate 20th Anniversary


Began operations as Toyo Ink Group’s sales and production base for gravure and flexo inks in Indonesia in April 1994

PT. Toyo Ink Indonesia, in cooperation with other Toyo Ink Group companies, organized a private trade show, the first such group event in Indonesia, at the Inter Continental Jakarta Midplaza Hotel on June 23 to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary.

PT. Toyo Ink Indonesia was established and began operations as the Toyo Ink Group’s sales and production base for gravure and flexographic inks in Indonesia in April 1994. Securing a production base in Indonesia was a crucial priority as part of the Toyo Ink Group’s business strategy in Southeast Asia, dating back to the establishment of a base in Thailand in 1965.

Based on the concept “Something New… New Value you can touch, together with PT Toyo Ink,” the private show in Indonesia was designed as an event to say thank you to the company’s customers for the last 20 years, while also showcasing the Toyo Ink Group’s new businesses to those with ties to new sectors and markets. Specific features include a “Consulting Corner,” where members of staff addressed technical and quality issues that existing customers may be experiencing with printing ink and other related products. The show also featured panel and product displays focusing on “energy,” “digital” and “the environment,” as new business sectors.

With investment increasingly being poured into the rapidly growing domestic market in Indonesia, from countries the world over and across all industries, PT. Toyo Ink Indonesia is committed to making a greater contribution to the country as a whole, by promoting “qualitative improvements” through the provision of high added value products that offer increased peace of mind and safety, rather than focusing business on “quantitative expansion” based solely on the economics of scale.