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Tetra Pak to Invest Additional 36 Million Euro to Plant Upgrade in Turkey


Will complete 60 million euro investment in its packaging material plant in Izmir

Tetra Pak has announced a further investment of €36 million in its packaging material plant in Izmir, Turkey to complete a €60 million technology upgrade project that started in 2012.
The three-year upgrade enables the plant to more than double its capacity to 10 billion packs and broaden its capability to produce a bigger range of packages from the Tetra Pak portfolio. The 15 sizes and forms of packages that will now be produced include Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 Edge, Tetra Gemina Aseptic 1000 Crystal and Tetra Top 500 Midi and Tetra Top 1000 Carton Bottle.
“Customers in this region are not only growing, but also eager for innovation that could set them apart from competition. During the last three years, our customers have launched more than 100 products in new packages,” said Amar Zahid, who has been appointed cluster vice president of Tetra Pak Greater Middle East & Africa effective July 1.
Greater Middle East has been one of the best performing regions within Tetra Pak with an annual growth rate of 10% during the past decade.