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EFI and AMSP/NAPL/NAQP Join Events to Create Industry’s Ultimate Thought Leadership Conference


Joint offering of EFI Connect, AMSP/NAPL/NAQP Executive Leadership Summit in 2015 promises a more powerful educational experience

EFI and graphic communications industry association AMSP/NAPL/NAQP announced that EFI Connect and the AMSP/NAPL/NAQP Executive Leadership Summit (formerly the AMSP Winter Conference and NAPL Top Management Conference) will hold concurrent events in 2015. Bringing the two events together is meant to deepen the practical and educational experience of all attendees.

Both conferences are geared to keep business owners, CEOs, and management teams up to speed on the latest trends, technologies, and management skills needed to grow and thrive in an evolving industry. Combining the AMSP/NAPL/NAQP Executive Leadership Summit with EFI Connect will give audiences for both events a richer experience with access to a broader range of resources, including several shared programs available to registrants of either conference.

“These are just a few of the benefits to joining the two conferences,” said Frank Tueckmantel, vice president of corporate marketing for EFI. “We see this new event emerging as the industry’s ultimate thought-leadership conference.”

“Offering AMSP, NAPL, and NAQP members a broader experience is something we have continually strived for. Now we have the means to make it not just our best conference, but the best conference the industry has to offer for CEOs and their management teams,” said Dr. Joseph P. Truncale, president and CEO of AMSP/NAPL/NAQP.

The joint 2015 conferences will be held at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. EFI Connect will be held Jan. 20-22; the AMSP/NAPL/NAQP Executive Leadership Summit will be Jan. 19-22.

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