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Mathias Dahn Takes Over as CFO at KBA


Dr. Axel Kaufmann is pursuing new challenges

The KBA supervisory board appointed Dr. Mathias Dähn as Kaufmann’s successor. Dähn will start this management board mandate at the beginning of June 2014. Following a mutually agreed time period, he will take over all of the duties pertaining to this position from Kaufmann. Until he leaves the management board, Kaufmann has agreed to be available to facilitate a smooth transition.

“I wish to thank Mr. Kaufmann for all his work over the past years and for the professional transfer of responsibilities to his successor,” said supervisory board chairman Dr. Martin Hoyos. “I am convinced that with Mr. Dähn, we have gained an excellent CFO who will offer essential support during the ongoing restructuring process and beyond.”

After beginning his career at Robert Bosch in 1995, Dähn held various positions, including head of controlling for Eastern Europe before becoming chief auditor for internal audits. Dähn took up further managerial posts in controlling at telecommunications group debitel and as CFO of Loyalty Partner in Munich from 2000 up to his change to the MAN Group in 2005.

At the MAN Group he first became director for group controlling, where he was directly involved in various M&A activities, such as the sale of Manroland. This was followed by director of group purchasing for MAN Diesel & Turbo. From 2011 to 2013 Dähn was CFO at lighting manufacturer Zumtobel, an Austrian firm that is listed on the stock exchange.