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Toyochem Co., Ltd. to Exhibit at JPCA 2014


Will showcase solutions for electronic circuits

Toyochem Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting at the JPCA Show 2014 - the 44th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition from June 4-6, 2014, at the Tokyo Big Sight in Japan.
Electronic circuits and packaging technology are used in all electronic and information and communication devices as well as control equipment, and large electronics (printed electronics) have great potential for widespread use in the future.
The JPCA Show’s aim is to contribute to the overall development of the electronic circuit and related industries by putting on a show that offers technical information and proposes solutions in areas ranging from design, manufacture and distribution of products to increasing product reliability.
Toyochem will showcase its latest electronics-related materials that capitalize on the core technologies of the long-established Toyo Ink Group and present solutions conforming to the needs of its customers and end users.
Key products on display include:
•  LIOELM TSS200 series of electromagnetic shielding films
 •  LIOELM TSS300 of thin type electromagnetic shielding films
 •  Electromagnetic shielding film for high-speed communication circuits
 •  LIOELM TSC200 of conductive adhesive sheets
•   LIOELM TCL500 / TSU500 of low dielectric materials
 •  LIORESIST FX of photosensitive coverlay films
 •  Ultra-thin copper foil adhesive tapes (under development)
•  LIOELM TSU700 series of thermo-conductive adhesive tapes
•  REXALPHA RA FS series of high-resolution conductive silver paste for fine circuit pattern formations.