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New Pigment Dispersion System from International Coatings


International Coatings Company introduces its new UltraMix Pigment Dispersion (PD) Color System for mixing Pantone color simulations, altering or boosting hues, tints or shades of existing color intensities.

The UltraMix PD Color System consists of 19 non-phthalate, intermixable high pigment dispersions along with two mixing bases that can be mixed to create Pantone simulation or standard colors. The accompanying UltraMix PD Color System formulation software is available online, thus simplifying color matching processes and overall proficiency.

“We developed the UltraMix PD Color System in response to customer demand for a more versatile, stand-alone pigment dispersion system based on our popular UltraMix 7500 Series color palette and inks,” said Steve Kahane, president of International Coatings. “UltraMi PD Colors allow printers to mix Pantone colors, or enhance existing inks, in any sized batch, from regular direct print bases or special effects bases.”

In addition to the Pigment Dispersion Bases offered with the series, PD01 Mixing Base and PD51 Matte Mixing Base, UltraMix PD Color System can be mixed with virtually any base, including International Coatings’ 141 High Density Base, 7100 Performance Pro Mixing Base for performance fabrics, 3816 Sentri Clear for soft-hand effects as well as the 9000 Clear Base for nylon applications.