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FUJIFILM Introduces Inca Onset Q40i UV Inkjet Press at PRINT 13


Ultra-high quality flatbed printer delivers at high production speeds

Bringing the first commercial production printer of its kind to PRINT 13 in Chicago, FUJIFILM North America Corporation’s Graphic Systems Division introduced the Inca Onset Q40i UV inkjet press.

The Inca Onset family of flatbed inkjet presses has expanded with the addition of the new Q40i, an ultra-high quality flatbed UV inkjet printer. Developed to meet the demands for a higher quality device that can also print at rapid speeds, the Onset Q40i is capable of producing crisp, fine lines, sharp text and smooth tonal gradations, all at 62 full-bed sheets per hour.

Featured highlights of the Inca Onset Q40i UV inkjet press include:
• Prints with offset like quality on materials as large as 63" x 123" and up to 2" thick.
• Up to 168 print heads with over 42,000 nozzles.
• Variable finish allows for customizable matte, satin or glossy prints.
• Exceptionally wide color gamut.

The Inca Onset Q40i high-speed digital press from Fujifilm prints images with a droplet size of nine picoliters, while the industry standard is more than three times as large for a press of this speed. It gives print professionals the ability to provide image detail and tonal range that are noticeably different when compared to prints from any other industrial printer currently available in the marketplace.

“This device is the perfect blend of speed and image quality, and quality is everything around here,” said Marc Lovci, vice president of business development for Duggal Visual Solutions, the first company in the world to install the Inca Onset Q40i.
Based in New York City, Duggal sits at the center of creativity and high fashion and works with more than a third of Forbes Magazine’s “Top 100 Brands,” meaning they have very demanding clientele. According to Lovci, the Q40i came out at the right time, has the right quality and can work at the speeds his shop needs.

“Our clients really want the best, and more often than not, they need it yesterday. They know we’re going to bring them the very latest technologies and the very best service possible,” added Mr. Lovci.

"This is the first time that Inca has introduced a new press outside Europe, but the energy and investment to place the Q40i in Duggal’s fast paced environment - serving the who's who of business, art and design - proved to be worth the effort,” said Todd Zimmerman, vice president and general manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division.

The Inca Onset Q40i officially launched at FESPA 2013 in June and is available in both a four-color and six-color configuration. The Onset Q40i and the entire Inca Onset line of products are available exclusively from Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division.