Last Updated Tuesday, October 13 2015

Avery Dennison's New Security Materials Portfolio Helps Safeguard Product Authenticity, Brand Integrity

Published August 30, 2013
From destructible films and papers to void materials, the new Avery Dennison Select Solutions Security portfolio of materials is specifically designed to help companies counter product tampering and counterfeiting while protecting consumers and the long-term integrity of their brands.

“Consumers want to trust the products they purchase,” said Michael Welch, product manager, durables, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials – North America. “Our Security materials use elements such as two-dimensional holograms and in-label watermarks and threads, to help brand owners create clear marks that can assure consumers – or, if absent or broken alert them of tampering or counterfeiting.”

Suited for use in a variety of segments, such as pharmaceutical, automotive and consumer packaged goods, the Select Solutions Security portfolio features:
• Customizable ultra-violet and infra-red print options.
• Enhanced thermal transfer graphic solutions.
• Chemical-resistant coating for liquid products.

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