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Flint Group Launches Ultraking 4500 LM Premium, Ultraking 4600 LM PLAS Premium


Low-migration UV curable offset ink systems for food packaging for the North American packaging market

Flint Group announced the Ultraking family of low-migration UV curable offset inks. The introduction of these low-migration inks further exhibits Flint Group’s leadership position in the packaging inks market – offering a full low-migration solution for packaging printers.

To address the demand for low-migration solutions, Flint Group introduced Novasens conventional sheetfed offset inks in 2010. Now, with the Ultraking 4500 LM Premium and 4600 LM PLAS Premium, the portfolio is complete. These inks are the next generation of low-extractable, low-odor and low-migration offset inks available to the North American market.

“The concept of low-migration printing in food packaging continues to gain momentum in the North American market as brand owners and consumers, push for safer food packaging,” notes Tyler Newsom, product manager, sheetfed inks North America. “The introduction of the Ultraking 4500 LM Premium and 4600 LM PLAS Premium allows food packaging converters a one stop shop for both conventional and UV curable offset ink solutions.”

The unique Ultraking low-migration chemistry allows converters to produce packaging that adheres to FDA and European specific migration limits (SMLs) in even the most sensitive primary and secondary, non-direct food contact, packaging applications. The Ultraking LM 4500 LM Premium and 4600 LM PLAS Premium series, as with the Novasens, have been certified by ISEGA, an independent analytical testing and certification institute located in Germany. Both series are compliant to the Nestlé Guidance Note for Packaging Inks and Swiss Ordinance list RS 817.023.21.

Rodney Balmer, director of global research and product development, sheetfed inks, added that “the Ultraking LM (low-migration) technology sets the standard in food safety and has been specifically formulated to provide printers the ability to print primary food packaging with the confidence that, if cured correctly, it will not contaminate the food.”

Flint Group’s expansive low-migration offset ink and coating portfolio allows for optimum performance and adhesion to a wide range of paperboard and non-porous substrates. The Ultraking LM inks are suitable for use in sheetfed and web offset applications.

The Ultraking 4500 LM Premium and 4600 LM PLAS Premium are commercially available.

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