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Microtron USA Working with Engineered Mills, Inc. on Microtron Bead Mill

Published May 29, 2013
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Microtron USA, Inc. announced its association with EMImills – Engineered Mills, Inc. (formerly Eiger Machinery) in the development of the U.S. market for the Microtron Bead Mill, which has been designed for wet milling and fine grinding of dispersions requiring particle sizes in the nano range.

Microtron has the ability to utilize the smallest grinding media, down to 0.03 (30 microns), and has exceptional cooling which is required for nano-type dispersions. An additional benefit is contamination-free milling that results from the lack of component wear. Testing of dispersions and finished products will show better quality with faster throughput rates.

All product testing for North American customers will be at EMI’s test laboratory in Grayslake, IL. Contact John Allen at Microtron for additional information and to arrange a trial at

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