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Lisa Fine, Joseph Lyou Receive RadTech President Awards


Cited for exemplary contributions as volunteer RadTech members

Lisa Fine of Joules Angstrom and Joseph K. Lyou, SCAQMD governing board member and president and CEO, Coalition for Clean Air, were honored with the annual RadTech President's Award at the RadTech 2013 Annual meeting held in Redondo
Beach, CA.

Ms. Fine chairs the RadTech Environmental, Health and Safety Committee, leading the organization's efforts to develop actionable data and information in the advancement of fast emerging ultraviolet and electron beam (UV/EB) curable technologies.

Dr. Lyou has offered forward thinking leadership in the recognition and promotion of cleaner technologies such as UV/EB, through his efforts with AQMD and the Coalition for Clean Air.

In presenting these awards, Don Duncan, of Wikoff Color and RadTech president, noted the achievements of UV/EB technology in the manufacturing industries, and cited the work of Ms. Fine and Dr. Lyou as exemplary contributions to the efforts as volunteer RadTech members. The RadTech President's Award is presented each year for outstanding contributions to the UV/EB industry and the RadTech organization.