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Inkcups Now Opens New ICN World HQ


Accommodates growth, further optimizes production processes

Inkcups Now Corp. (ICN) announced the opening of its new world headquarters to accommodate company's growth and further optimize production processes.

As of January 2013, ICN's corporate offices, main production and main warehouse will be located at the 26,000 square foot building at 310 Andover St., Danvers, MA. Except for the street address, all contact information stays the same. 

"We've outgrown our prior space, and are happy to move into our own beautiful building,” said Ben Adner, company president. "All production, shipping and warehousing areas will now be located on a single level, which will further improve efficiency and collaboration between departments. The space has been renovated, with our specific business processes and needs in mind so we'll continue working on serving our customers better and faster. This is our next step towards firmly establishing Inkcups Now as a first-class worldwide company."