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Bordeaux Offers New Water-Based Dye Digital Ink for Sublimation, Direct-to-Textile Printing


EDTD ink for Epson printhead-based printers

Bordeaux's environmentally friendly dye digital ink is designed to achieve better performance both for direct and sublimation printing on polyester fabrics or mixed synthetic fabrics (minimum 60% of synthetic fibers).

Bordeaux EDTD ink uses cutting edge technology and stringent quality control for batch-to-batch consistency, optimal ink fluidity and printability through piezo printheads. With this ink, print service providers achieve superior printing quality, reliability and efficiency. It is specially developed for dye sublimation transfer and direct printing, produces bright and vibrant colors, has a long shelf life and has superb lightfastness properties. According to the company, it is also environmentally safer and free of APE, according to EC Directive 2003/53/C.

Applications include sport uniforms, outerwear, fashion wear, home decoration, soft signage and flags and banners. Compatible printers include Roland, Mutoh and Mimaki printers with Epson DX4 and DX5 printheads.

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