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Kustom Group Launches New Klydesdale Workhorse Systems

Published November 2, 2012
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Kustom Group’s new Klydesdale Series is formulated as to give a workhorse ink specifically for the packaging market of today.

The Klydesdale Series, which includes KB-1048 Klydesdale Workhorse Sheetfed Gel, KB-1058 Klydesdale Workhorse Sheetfed Free Flow and KB-1068 Klydesdale Workhorse Sheetfed Extender, is formulated to exhibit high viscosity and excellent heat and shear stability. This vehicle creates an ink that will not break down on high speed presses and will maintain dot sharpness.

The Klydesdale Series has the economics required to produce a sheetfed packaging ink that can compete. Typical applications include sheetfed folding carton work on paperboard and commercial sheetfed that will be overprinted or coated. It helps develops a high solids ink system, offers excellent economics to meet today’s competitive packaging market demands, and provides excellent printability and ink water balance.

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