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InkJet, Inc. Reorganizes to Accommodate Corporate Growth


Rapid growth leads to creation of four business units to better service diverse customer needs

With the rapid sales expansion of its Anser U2 Printing System and the continuing growth of its third-party, OEM and customized inks sales, InkJet, Inc. announces the creation of four business units to better service its diverse customer needs.

The Printer Division will focus on the continuing development of its Anser U2 Printers, which include models with networking capabilities, dot smoothing for higher resolution, a full-featured mobile printer and a newly released printer capable of printing characters up to 1” high.

The Specialty Ink Division is a continually expanding profit center, developing inkjet fluids for special CIJ, DOD and rapidly growing HP industrial printing applications. The CIJ Ink Division will continue to provide third-party and OEM fluids for a broad range of competitive printers including VideoJet, Domino, Imaje, Willett, Linx and other inkjet printers.

The Field Service Division specializes in providing low-cost technical and service support to owners of a broad range of CIJ printers including VideoJet, Domino, Imaje and other printers installed throughout the U.S.

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