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New Series of Cost-Saving Rear Silver Conductor Pastes for Silicon Solar Cells Being Introduced by Ferro Electronic Materials


Pastes cut silver usage while maintaining key performance characteristics

Ferro Electronic Materials introduced a new family of rear silver conductor pastes at SNEC 2012 PV Power Expo, held in Shanghai, China. The new products offer up to 70% savings in silver compared to current pastes ,yielding a 10-micron fired busbar thickness.

Ferro’s new pastes offer savings to cell manufacturers via reduced precious metal content and reduced paste laydown. The products have pure silver metallurgy and enable fast printing at speeds of more than 200 millimeters per second. They are compatible with the company’s back surface aluminum pastes and can be co-fired in a wide processing window. The pastes provide robust soldering behavior with excellent adhesion to silicon wafers. PS 213X Series silver pastes are RoHS- and REACH-compliant and are free of lead, cadmium and phthalates.

"These new products lower the cost of ownership to make solar energy more cost-competitive by reducing both precious metal content and paste laydown," said Todd Williams, business manager for Ferro Electronic Materials. “PS 213X pastes provide the same mechanical performance as current pastes yielding a 10-micron fired busbar thickness at significantly lower cost.”