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Unimin highlights Minex functional fillers at RadTech


Minex functional fillers and extenders can be used in premium decorative paints

Unimin (booth 515) is highlighting its MINEX line of functional fillers and extenders. MINEX offers optimized color development,
 tint retention and durability to deliver performance in premium decorative paints.

According to Unimin, when 
incorporated into paints and coatings, MINEX extenders
 will help protect the resin system from direct sunlight
 UV exposure for improved binder stability and longer service life. In real-time exposure tests under a variety of climatic conditions, MINEX outperforms other extender minerals, providing superior resistance to fading, chalking, cracking, and loss of gloss. MINEX also delivers excellent chemical resistance against a variety of acids and bases commonly found in residential and industrial environments and atmospheric pollutants.