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Technical conference features eight more tracks today


Topics include Brasil, China, Markets, EHS, Raw Materials, Cationics, Formulation and Kinetics

By David Savastano • Editor

RadTech 2012’s Technical Conference concludes today with eight more tracks. Track A focuses on Brasil, China, Market Overviews and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), while Track B covers Raw Materials, Cationics, Formulation and Kinetics.

• Mechanism of Electron Beam Radiation Damage on Carbon Nanofiber Surface” – Maria Cecilia Evora, Instituto de Estudos Avançados.
• Radiolytic Degradation of Humic Acid: An Alternative to Complement the Chemical Test” – Renata Bazante Yamaguishi, IPEN/CNEN/USP.
• Electron Beam Application for Regeneration and Rtilization of Desulfurization Catalysts and Sorbent” – Wilson Aparecido Parejo Calvo, IPEN-CNEN/SP.

Raw Materials
• A Simple Process for Preparing Low Viscosity Diacrylate-Functional Epoxy Oligomers” – Byron K. Christmas, University of Houston-Downtown.
• “An Alternative To Bisphenol A Based Epoxy Acrylates” – Mike O'Brien, Stepan Company.
• “Urethane Acrylate Oligomers with Hydrophilic Moieties” – James Aerykssen, Bomar Specialties Company.

China Session
• “Molecular Design Concepts and Manufacturing Feasibilities for New Generations of Photoinitiators” – David Zhigang Wang, Shenzhen UV-ChemTech, Inc.
• “Effect of Spatial Conformation of a Photoinitiator on Photoinitiating Activity” – Du Xiying, Insight High Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
• “Preparation and Surface Properties of UV Curable Fluorinated Pure Acrylic Based Waterborne Polyurethane Coatings” – Hongbo Liang, Nanchang Hangkong University.
• “UV-Initiating Behavior of Highly Branched Polymeric Photoinitiators End-Capped with Benzophenone and Tertiary Amine Moieties” – Mozeng Wng, University of Science and Technology of China.

• “Electron Beam Activated Cationic Curing” – Stephen Lapin, PCT Engineered Systems.
• “Chain Transfer Agents in Cationic Epoxide Polymerizations: Kinetic and Physical Effects” – Brian Dillman, University of Iowa.
• “Analyzing Consumption of BPh as a Function of Film Depth and UV light Intensity (I0)” – Rong Bao, Fusion UV Systems, Inc.

Global Market Overview
• “Market Overview and Progress of Radiation Curing in China” – Wenfang Shi, University of Science and Technology of China.
• “Electron Beam Applications in Korea” – Bumsoo Han, EB Tech Co., Ltd.
• “Overview of Radiation Curing Market and Technologies In Japan” – Teruo Orikasa, Fusion UV Systems Japan KK.

• “Study on Polypropylene - Acrylic Blocked Copolymers for Additives in UV Curable Coatings” – Ken-ichi Fujino, Nippon Paper Chemicals Co., Ltd.
• “UV Coatings for Automotive Interior Applications” – Ashley Spencer, Red Spot Paint and Varnish.
• “Evolution of High Solids, High Performance UV Coatings for Spray Application” – Gary M. Williams, Red Spot Paint and Varnish.
• “UV/EB Thermoset Polymers Intended for Thermoforming Applications” – Robert Kensicki, Sartomer USA, LLC.

Environmental, Health, & Safety
• “The Impact of REACH on the Hazard Communications of US Substances” – Raymond David, BASF.
• “Staying in Compliance and in Business with UV/EB” – Rita Loof, RadTech.
• “Proposition 65: How the Law Relates to UV/EB Coatings, Inks and Adhesives” – Martha E. Marrapese, Esq., Keller and Heckman LLP.
• “Multifunctional Acrylate Toxicology - Results of New Studies Generated for REACH” – Maureen Waite, Cytec Inc.

• “Photo-Enforced Stratification” – Clinton J. Cook, University of Iowa.
• “Thermal and UV-Curing Behavior of Inks, Adhesives, and Coatings by Photo-DSC and In-situ DEA” – Gilles Widawski, Netzsch Instrument North America.
• “A Characteristic of the Hyperbranched Polymer Acrylate” – Yoshiyuki Saruwatari, Osaka Organic Chemical Ind. Ltd.
• “Control of Free Radical Reactivity in Photopolymerization of Acrylates” – Patrick Kramer, Rutgers University.