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Flint Group Introduces PluriTech Shrink-U


Next generation of solvent-based packaging inks for the North American gravure shrink sleeve market

Over the last five years, the shrink sleeve market has become more complex and new film technologies have driven printers to acquire multiple ink systems to compete. High fidelity graphics are also pushing the limits of the conventional shrink ink systems. With PluriTech Shrink-U, Flint Group responds to these challenges.

PluriTech Shrink-U provides excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates making it truly “universal.” This new ink system further delivers the peace of mind that comes with zero blocking, flex-crack free and zero ink pick.

“The industry has been looking for a universal ink system for shrink applications for a long time. PluriTech Shrink-U provides that capability. This universal gravure shrink sleeve ink system can replace several inks used in the past; reducing inventories and complexity," said John Gaber, product manager Film & Foil, Packaging and Narrow Web North America. “Recently we launched FlexiTech Shrink-U for the flexo shrink sleeve market segment, we are now happy to introduce the gravure solution to universal adhesion including product resistance. PluriTech Shrink-U will help the converters in this market reach new levels of technical success”.