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Technical conference provides expertise in key areas


Topics include Chemistry, Thio-lene, EB , Waterborne, PV and Electronics, Barrier Coatings, Stereolithography and Photoinitiators

By David Savastano • Editor

Researchers at universities and companies continue to develop new technologies for UV and EB, and today’s two concurrent tracks showcase some of these innovations. Today’s two concurrent tracks showcase some of these innovations.

Track A includes sessions on Chemistry, Thio-lene, Electron Beam and Waterborne. Track B covers Photovoltaics & Electronics, Barrier Coatings & Conductive Films For Flexible Electronics, Stereolithography and Photoinitiators.

• “Structure-Property Investigation of Functional Resins for UV-Curable Gaskets” – Joel Schall, Henkel Corporation
• “Three-component Dye Sensitized Systems - Extending the Initiation Wavelength Limit” – Alan Aguirre Soto, University of Colorado.
• “Plasticizing Effect of Acrylates in Hydroxyl-containing Acrylate Hybrid Photopolymerization” – Gbenga I. Ajiboye, University of Iowa.

Photovoltaics & Electronics
• “Suitability of Energy Curable Oligomers and Monomers As Encapsulants in Photovoltaic Modules” – Jonathan Shaw, Cytec Industries.
• “Photonic Curing Processing with Results for Nanoparticle and Flake-based Conductive Inks, for Silver” – Stan Farnsworth, NovaCentrix
• “Fine Pattern Drawing in Polymer Hybrid Thin Film Assemblies” – Dr. Tokuji Miyashita, Tohoku University.
• “Developments in Flexible Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Displays Based on Polymerization Induced Phase Separation Technique” – Oleg Pishnyak. Kent Displays.

• “Two-Stage Reactive Polymer Systems” – Devatha P. Nair, University of Colorado.
• “Photopolymerization in Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Templates for Improved Polymer Properties” – Brad Forney, The University of Iowa.
• “The Effects of Polymerizable Organoclays on Photopolymerization Behavior and Ultimate Properties” – Soon Ki Kim, University of Iowa.

Barrier Coatings & Conductive Films For Flexible Electronics
• “Non-Active Materials for Tomorrow's Solar Modules” – Matthew Feinstein, Lux Research.
• “Influences on Barrier Performance of UV/EB Cured Polymers” – Dale Babcock, Sartomer USA LLC.
• “Development of Conductive Polymer Film and R2R Coating Process” – Nizamidin Jappar, Kimoto Tech.
• “UV-Based Conductive Inks for Flexible Printed Electronics” – Ram Ramakrishnan, UniPixel.

Electron Beam
• “Treatment of Industrial Wastewater from Paint Industry by Electron Beam Irradiation” – Fernando Codelo Nascimento, IPEN Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas Nucleares.
• “Sealed Electron Beam Emitter for Use in Narrow Web Curing, Sterilisation and Laboratory Applications” – Werner Haag, COMET AG. 
• “Advances in Low Energy Electron Beam Equipment Technology” – Terrance W. Thompson, PCT Engineered Systems LLC.
• “Imparting Dimensional Stability on Cellulosic Material Utilizing Electron Beam” – Sean Woods, UV/EB Technology Center, SUNY ESF.

• “Photofixation of Diels–Alder Networks” – Christopher N. Bowman, University of Colorado.
• “Preparation of Novel Resin Mold for UV Imprint Lithography using UV Curable Monomers” – Dr. Masamitsu Shirai, Osaka Prefecture University.
• “Development of Antimony Free Stereolithography Resin for Investment Casting” – Kangtai Ren, DSM Functional Materials.

• “Water-Based Radiation Curable Emulsions Open New Horizons for Hard Coats” – Dr. Michel Tielemans, Cytec Industries.
• “Water Reducible UV Cure Allophanate Urethane Acrylates” –Abdullah Ekin, Bayer MaterialScience, LLC.
• “Waterborne UV-Curable Coatings Based on Renewable Materials” – Vijay Mannari, Eastern Michigan University.
 • “Waterborne UV Curable Resins – Chemistries and Applications” – Laurie Morris, Alberdingk Boley.

• “Photo-Initiated Grafting Polymerization on Oxidized Graphene” – Hewen Liu, University of Science and Technology of China.
• “A Fluorinated Photoinitiator for Surface Oxygen Inhibition Resistance” – Jun Nie, Beijing University of Chemical Technology. • “High Performance Photoinitiators with Low Emission Properties” – Jean-Luc Birbaum, BASF.
• “Polymeric Photoinitiators – Low Migration, Low Odor, Favorable Toxicology” – Eileen Jaranilla-Tran, RAHN USA.