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End user session on UV curing for 3D substrates set for today


3D products are proving to be a growth area for UV curing

By Kerry Pianoforte • Associate Editor

It goes without saying that not all products are flat, and there are many items that benefit from energy curing, ranging from automobile parts and metal cans to guitars.

As a result, 3D products are proving to be a growth area for UV curing. Be sure to check out the End User Session on UV Curing for 3D Substrates. The session, which will be held 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, will feature four presentations.

The presentations include:
• “Robotic UV Curing Techniques” presented by Paul Mills, UV Robotics.
• “New Advances in Dose-Controlled 3D Curing” presented by Doug DeLong, DDU Enterprises.
• “Measuring Uniformity of UV Cure on Complex Surfaces” presented by Jim Raymont, EIT Inc.
• “From Flat Line to the Hospital Room: Transferring 3D Technology to a Mobile Medical Application” presented by Sam Guzman, American Ultraviolet.