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PE Europe 2012, Set for Berlin on April 3-4, Targets Applications


IDTechEx event to address needs, experiences of adopters of the technology.

IDTechEx will hold its European show in Berlin, Germany on April 3-4, 2011 ( The focus, as at all IDTechEx events, is to address the needs and experiences of adopters of the technology.

"Printed electronics is reaching a critical point,” said Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, consulting firm and event host. “The huge investment in the technology has yet to result in strong commercialization, yet there is huge interest from many end use verticals. There is a disconnect between adopters who need realistic appraisal of the technology and vendors who, in the main, supply pieces but often fall short of fulfilling the need for complete products. The IDTechEx events are designed to bridge that gap and help accelerate adoption of the technology."

The forthcoming IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA event in Santa Clara, Nov. 30-Dec, 1, 2011 ( ) is an example of this, with end users presenting including Procter & Gamble, Decathlon, Mars, Boeing, De La Rue, Panasonic, MWV, The U.S. Army and many more.

IDTechEx, in cooperation with leading vendors in the sector, will make functioning printed electronics devices available to all attendees, some of them manufactured on the trade show floor, demonstrating printing electronics in action. The organizer will also run sessions aimed at potential adopters and end users that are new to the technology. In addition, there is Demonstration Street - the world's largest collection of printed electronics to browse.

"This is not a vendor-meet-vendor showcase - our events show case the entire supply and use chain," stated Das. "This is a real opportunity for vendors, adopters, researchers and technology developers to meet and interact, engage and innovate."

Printed Electronics Europe 2012 in Berlin will build on this focus further. It is part of the three events IDTechEx will hold on the topic in 2012, the others in Asia (third quarter) and the U.S. (Santa Clara, CA, Dec. 5-6, 2012).