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Summary of Toyo Ink Exhibit at IGAS2011


Based on basic concept Visible Science for Life

Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. (will exhibit its products at IGAS2011 International Graphic Arts Show, taking place at Tokyo Big Site from Sept. 16-21, 2011.

Based on the basic concept “Visible Science for Life,” the Toyo Ink booth will be showcasing unique solutions which create new value for all users, organized under three headings: Resource & Energy Saving, Color Expression, and Printing in New Era.

The line-up of exhibits is summarized below:
• Resource & Energy Saving
• FLASH DRY HS CP Series J/FLASH DRY K-HS CP Series/FLASH DRY LED Series: Environmentally conscious UV curable inks that are more sensitive to UV light, making it possible to reduce energy consumption.
• FLASH DRY Form Series: UV curable inks that are more sensitive to UV light are used to reduce energy consumption of four-color printing for direct mail process.
• “Carbon Eye” Energy Visualization & Monitoring System: System that monitors movements in energy consumption and operations over time and proposes solutions for reducing three types of waste: Muda (waste), Muri (overburden) and Mura (unevenness).
• TOYO KING NEX NV100/TOYO KING NEX NV100 rice/vegetable oil-based inks/palm oil-based inks: Environmentally harmonized offset inks, rice inks to support the recovery in Tohoku by establishing a recycling-based society, palm oil inks produced and consumed locally in Malaysia.
• New sheetfed ink containers/New UV ink plastic containers: Environmentally friendly containers which promote preservation of resources and offer convenience in terms of delivery, inventory and collection.
• AQUA SPZ/PRINK/AQUA CONTE NEO/AQUA PAPIA/AQUACUP/AQUA LIONA: The Toyo Ink booth will also showcase water-based flexographic inks for various different uses and flexographic platemaking systems as options for reducing VOC emissions and carbon footprint.

[Color Expression]
• Kaleido Series (TOYO KING NEX Kaleido/WD LEO-X Kaleido/Kaleido Proof Certification: Kaleido Series which now offers a wider variety of applications following the addition of web-offset inks to the product lineup; wide-gamut process inks which make it possible to offer new promotional models.
• FD237 LIOTONE®/FD661 LIOTONE®/TU686 FDSS Thickened Varnish/SS Lottery T Silver: Screen printing inks for decorative printing which open up new possibilities for offset printing design.
• UDing/COLOR FINDER: The Toyo Ink booth will also showcase gravure printing applications for the color universal design tool UDing, which, from a consumer perspective, embodies a safe life, as well as a color finder that works with the tool.

Printing in New Era
• LIOJET TKT009 Series: Water-based pigment inkjet inks for high quality paper, which achieve high density reproduction, reducing ink consumption by more than 40% (only black), and offer high speed (40 kHz) and high quality (1200dpi) performance.
• REXWINv Series (REXWIN SB-F1 BLACK/REXWIN UA-A1 CLEAR/REXWIN UD-A1 WHITE): Functional paste for electronic devices.

• HP Indigo Digital Printer Series: The Toyo Ink booth will also showcase digital printers for the label and soft packaging markets and exhibit printing samples.