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Shamrock Technologies Gears Up for K-Show with Three Key Product Offerings


Shamrock Technologies will feature a line of revolutionary fluoropolymer additives

Shamrock Technologies, Inc. will feature a line of revolutionary fluoropolymer additives at the K-Show, the International Trade Fair for Plastics & Rubber, to be held next month in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Shamrock, the world leader in PTFE micropowders and the world’s largest processor of recycled polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), has pioneered a number of breakthrough products in its core businesses of inks, coatings and additives over the years.

The latest innovations, identified as MicroFLON, NanoFLON and Fluoro-T products, represent Shamrock’s premium line of PTFE products, and are specifically designed for applications where anti-wear and friction modification are essential.

According to Curt Collar, thermoplastics market manager, Shamrock’s increased emphasis on new product development has been paying large dividends for existing and new thermoplastic customers alike.

“The MicroFLON prime PTFE grade offers our customers a broader range of applications including food contact, and the tight process and particle size control deliver superior dispersion and distribution benefits,” Mr, Collar said. “The NanoFLON prime PTFE grade is a Shamrock exclusive, and offers particle sizes as small as 200 nanometers, which provides a real break-through in slip, abrasion-resistance and release,” he added.

Shamrock sales manager Craig Baudentistel is equally bullish about the Fluoro-T product Line.

“With today’s extremely tight PTFE market, our clean, recycled PTFE powder is an extraordinary value,” Mr. Baudendistel said. “And as far as performance, Fluoro-T tested out with outstanding coefficient of friction and wear resistance in both nylon and acetal (POM) applications.”

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