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Flint Group North America Launches Eco-Friendly Inks and a One-Step Fountain Solution for Sheetfed Printers

Published September 13, 2010
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In its continuing quest to bring solutions to the pressroom, Flint Group has launched top-quality, earth-friendly inks and a new low-dosing, one-step fountain solution.

Arrowstar 8041 inks contain less than 3% VOCs, among the lowest VOC levels available today. The ink series earned a bio-renewable content (BRC) index of 70 from the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) and are EcoLogo-certified to “Printing Inks CCD-040.” These low-tack inks keep dot gain to a minimum, are ideal for perfecting, and are compliant to ISO as well as IDEAlliance’s GRACoL 7 standards.

K+E Novavit F 928 PRIME PROTECT BIO inks offer very fast oxidative drying and are highly rub resistant—ideal for printers with demanding, high-end jobs that require post-print processing. These color-intense inks offer top-quality performance on straight-line printing and on perfecting presses. K+E Novavit F 928 PRIME PROTECT BIO inks earned NAPIM’s BRC index of 70 and are compliant to ISO and GRACoL 7 standards.

Varn Supreme 8168 fountain solution is a high-performing, one-step solution that works on a variety of presses, plates and substrates. Built with ink-compatible solvents, Varn Supreme 8168 fountain solution is compatible with conventional, hybrid and UV inks; enables easier ink/water balance with RO or tap water; and offers stability without the need for high dosages, alcohol substitutes or IPA.

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