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Wood and Building Products End-User Session Offers Wealth of Information


Tuesday’s Wood and Building Products end-user session provided valuable information for attendees.

By Kerry Pianoforte • Associate Editor

Tuesday’s Wood and Building Products end-user session began with a presentation by Syed Hasan of BASF Corp. on “Application of UV Finishes – Roll Coating, Spray and Vacuum Coating of UV Coatings.” Mr. Hasan provided an overview of the advantages of using UV and the future of UV coatings for wood. According to Mr. Hasan, in the near future the use of UV on wood will virtually eliminate unfinished hardwood floors.

“Field Applied UV for Concrete: An Update” was presented by Peter Weissman of Quaker Chemical Company. One important question to ask, according to Mr. Weissman, is why is UV penetration of the market taking longer than anticipated? “UV use, in wood in particular, has great promise,” he said. “ I’m a little bit on the fence if it will become a large volume market for concrete, although it will always be a niche market.”

Some reasons cited for UV’s slow adoption in concrete are cost of equipment and lack of concentration of fit for purpose. According to Mr. Weissman, there is still some way to go before UV will have a large volume market. Some keys to success are users must understand concrete better than their customers and provide significant technical support to their customers; users should concentrate on a niche single market to become successful with a single contractor and start small and have reasonable and conservative expectations.

“Chemistry of UV Coatings for the End-User” presented by David Whitman of Avery Dennison provided some insight into the advantages and disadvantages of using UV coatings. According to Mr. Whitman, some of the advantages are that it is efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly.

“Economic Benefits of UV/EB Coatings for Wood and Building Products” presented by Chris Mirt of R&D Coatings explored the various reasons why UV coatings are an economical choice versus conventional coatings. Some of the benefits mentioned were energy savings and space savings. In general UV lamps take up to one tenth the floor space of a conventional thermal oven.

“UV Lamp Types and UV Measurements” by Jim Raymont of EIT Instrument Markets provided an overview of the basic types of UV lamps and UV measurements. According to Mr. Raymont, it is very important to understand your instrument and its limits, it is also important to not wait until there is a problem, but maintain your instrument on a daily basis, calibrate it and service as required. “Know and understand your UV equipment and your customer will be happy and your bottom line will improve,” he concluded.

Other talks included “UV/EB Coatings for Building and Construction Products” presented by Kelly Williams of Finishing Technology Solutions; “Heat Management in UV Coating – Keeping Substrates Cool” presented by Paul Mills of Vanjakob and “Water base UV vs. 100% Solids – Which is right for my application” presented by Dan Hart of Gillem Corp.