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DSM Desotech Launches UVaCorr Coatings

Published May 26, 2010
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In 2007 DSM Desotech, a business unit of DSM Resins and part of Royal DSM N.V., launched its UVention group, dedicated to the formulation of custom UV/EB curable coatings for a wide variety of industries. Since that time, two new business areas have been added to the UVention portfolio: UVolve Instant Floor Coatings and UVaCorr anti-corrosion coatings for tube and pipe applications.

Most recently, DSM Desotech expanded its UVaCorr instant-cure, corrosion preventative coatings to Europe’s steel tube and pipe market. The UVaCorr product line, which has been used for the past 15 years throughout North America, includes both clear and colored coatings designed for protection of steel tube and pipe, particularly during storage and transport to end-use destinations.

UVaCorr products, which are now certified for use in the Venjakob Ven Spray Pipe system, have several performance advantages over traditional solvent-based and waterborne tube and pipe coatings including instant cure for high-speed processing; 100% solid coatings for higher applied coverage and no VOCs; better salt spray resistance for enhanced performance; and smaller equipment footprint with reduced energy requirements.

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