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Nazdar Introduces New Lyson Inks For Mimaki Printers


Nazdar announced the release of new Lyson digital inks for Mimaki printers.
The Lyson 133 Series for the Mimaki JV33 and CJV OEM is high intensity, high gloss colors with excellent adhesion and flexibility on most media.
The Lyson 155 Series for the Mimaki JV5 offers excellent printhead and nozzle performance, and provides extended exterior performance with proven resistance to UV degradation and color fading.
“The market has been asking for OEM ink alternatives for the JV33 and JV5 printers,” Richard Bowles, Nazdar vice president and general manager, said. “With the success of the Lyson 1300 series in the JV3 install base, we are confident these two new products will meet market expectations.”
Nazdar also announced the release of Lyson 1302 series digital solvent ink for Mimaki JV3 printers. This series has low-odor properties and complements the existing Lyson 1300 series for JV3 printers.
It was formulated to mimic the properties and color gamut of Mimaki’s current SS2 ink set. The Lyson 1302 series is fully compatible with Lyson 1300 series ink.
“Our Lyson 1300 series ink is one of our most popular products,” Mr. Bowles said. “We identified a need for a lower-odor version because more and more printers are located in corporate and retail environments. The new Lyson 1302 series is an excellent choice for such locations.”
Users of Nazdar Lyson inks can save up to 30 percent on ink costs when compared to OEM ink usage, according to Nazdar.