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HarperScientific Welcomes MAI as Distributor


HarperScientific, the printing and coating supplies division of global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America, is partnering with Mark Andy, Inc. (MAI). A new agreement makes the narrow and mid-web printing equipment maker a distributor for HarperScientific products for the printing industry.
“At Mark Andy, Inc. we have long appreciated the proud background and contributions the Harper name has brought to printing and we look forward to a close working relationship in the years ahead,” said Andy Baer, vice president, customer service for MAI.
Jim Harper, vice president of HarperScientific, said Mark Andy has rightly earned a reputation for putting the interests of customers front and center and setting a worthy tone for industry colleagues.
“Through more than six decades, they have been a pace-setter for what printing can and should represent in the marketplace,” Mr. Harper said.