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Nazdar Introduces 4000 Series


A unique UV ink for printing on acrylic, PETG and styrene when forming or bending is required

Nazdar announces the release of 4000 Series UV Screen Ink, designed to adhere to a wide range of acrylic, PETG, and styrene substrates requiring excellent flexibility for heat-bending, router cutting, and low draw thermo- or drape-forming. Providing fast cure suitable for most graphic and in-line presses, excellent printability, and G7 compliant halftones, 4000 Series makes an outstanding addition to the Nazdar ink lines

“Today’s thermoforming inks are soft and require a lot of energy to cure, while faster curing, rigid inks crack or chip when bent or cut,” stated Phil McGugan, Nazdar’s vice president of global sales and marketing. “The 4000 Series fills that gap and does it on a very wide range of substrates popular today.”