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Sun Chemical is Ready and Raring to Go in Slough

May 14, 2009

Opens a new colors manufacturing facility in Slough, which will be the hub for Sun Chemical’s manufacture of coldset and flexo news inks

Sun Chemical has opened a new colors manufacturing facility in Slough. This facility will be the hub for Sun Chemical’s manufacture of coldset and flexographic newspaper inks for use within the print industry.

In a climate where companies are rationalizing their resources, Sun Chemical is striving forward by increasing its investment in the coldset industry. The development, based at Sun Chemical’s site in Berkshire Avenue, includes new, state of the art production equipment to manufacture high quality flexographic and coldset web offset printing inks. The equipment includes bulk powder silos and liquid raw material tanks, prime processing mixing vessels, associated milling equipment and comprehensive finished ink storage.

The opening of this high-tech plant, which will replace the existing manufacturing facility in Silvertown, will enable Sun Chemical to produce inks with an even greater consistency. By opening this plant at the Berkshire Avenue site, which produces inks mainly for the UK and Irish markets and also for other European markets, it allows Sun Chemical to co-ordinate ink production in one location.

Peter Hepworth, Sun Chemical’s publications business director for UK and Ireland, said: We are committed to providing the best products and service to our customers through innovative investment. By pooling our resources, we are ensuring we have the most consistent and efficient news ink plant possible. The new facility is the next step in the development of our corporate presence and commitment to the newspaper industry. ”

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