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Van Son Announces Price Reduction of Vs4 Ink Line


Demand for waterless printing enables improved pricing

Van Son Holland Ink Corporation announced it will be lowering the price of its waterless Vs4 ink. Specially designed to meet waterless printing needs, Vs4 ink offers consistency and efficiency to printers and aids in the reduction of waste materials and ink consumption. Due to the strong demand and market acceptance of waterless ink, Van Son has been able to streamline manufacturing and pass the savings along to printers.

The attributes of the waterless ink benefit not only a printer and its customers, but the planet as well. By reducing wasted paper materials and the volatile organic compounds that are associated with dampening usage, printers contribute to both forest conservation and efficient water conservation.

“Vs4 ink delivers reliability that saves printers time and money in operational expenses, which is critical in today’s economic climate,” said Joe Bendowski, president of Van Son. “The success and market acceptance of this ink has enabled us to further improve the pricing to our customers. Printers can now benefit from cost-effective waterless ink that delivers better color saturation and faster makereadies while answering the environmental concerns that are important to every industry today.”