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First Flavor and US Ink Partner to Bring Taste-it Notes to the Newspaper Industry


First Flavor and US Ink today announced the debut of Taste-it Notes.

First Flavor and US Ink today announced the debut of Taste-it Notes, a new kind of “sticky note” that newspaper publishers and printers can place on the front page of newspapers to engage readers in a never-before-offered taste sampling advertising experience.

Taste-it Notes are created using First Flavor’s Peel ‘n Taste edible film technology and US Ink’s innovative news ink capabilities to create an interactive ad that readers can use to literally smell and taste a flavored food, beverage or other flavored product.Each Taste-it Note provides readers with an easy-to-open, tamper evident foil pouch in a multi-layered sticky note format and brings taste sampling to a print newspaper’s audience - this delivery leverages the power of print advertising and brings an interactive experience that is not possible with online, television or radio ads.

First Flavor, creator of the Peel ‘n Taste marketing system and an innovator in taste marketing, and US Ink, one of the nation’s largest suppliers of ink for the newspaper printing industry, are showcasing this new Taste-it Notes advertisement system at the US Ink booth (2413) at the NAA mediaXchange Conference at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas from March 9-11, 2009.

“We are extremely excited about the potential of Taste-it Notes™ and our Peel ‘n Taste flavor strips to engage newspaper readers in flavorful advertising,” said Jay Minkoff, president and CEO of First Flavor.“We believe this type of sensory experience helps companies connect to their customers in a completely new and innovative way and drives product trial – and according to research reports conducted by our past clients, it works.”

Advertising studies show that the sticky notes that are currently adhered to the front pages of newspapers are effective.Taste-it Notes evolves this advertising approach into an engaging, reader-driven promotional sampling campaign.By allowing the newspaper reader to smell and taste an advertised product, Taste-it Notes can offer an advertising opportunity that no other medium or ad can.Until now, to enable readers to taste a product, advertisers had to pay for costly product samples to be bundled or poly bagged with each individual newspaper.Taste-it Notes makes sampling easier for production and delivery, more cost efficient for advertisers and more fun for the reader.

“We believe Taste-it Notes could be a breakthrough in newspaper advertising - at a time when newspaper executives are increasingly interested in innovative solutions that will assist their print advertisers to increase revenue and differentiate their brand,” said Michael J. Dodd, president at US Ink.“Now, advertisers that are seeking these creative ways of breaking through the clutter of messages all targeted at the same people can use our Taste-it Notes™ and this new taste marketing technology to enhance the power of their printed products. This could result in the next generation of newspaper advertising - one that will engage readers and allow newspapers to offer their advertising clients something truly interactive, cost-efficient and available only in print.”

First Flavor’s Peel ‘n Taste technology has been used to drive successful advertising campaigns for some of the food, beverage and personal product industries’ most established brands and products, including Welch’s, Campbell’s, Arm & Hammer, SKYY Vodka and Sunny Delight.

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