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Xaar and Nazdar Forge Global Ink Partnership


Nazdar is the latest ink manufacturer to become a Xaar Approved Ink Partner and supports Xaar's strategy to give end users the freedom to select from a wide range of approved inks.

"We are delighted to be working with Nazdar," said Jill Woods, ink product manager at Xaar. "We feel Nazdar's strategies are a good strategic fit with our own policies. We are both very dedicated to delivering high-quality inks to the market."

Xaar alsoannounced that Nazdar has achieved Xaar 'Approved' status for its range of high-performance Nazdar Lyson 7150F UV and 7340F UV Curable Flexible Series Digital Imaging Inks for use with Xaar 500/40 printheads.

Nazdar's inks sold to OEMs and those also sold under the Lyson digital ink brand incorporate premium grade pigments and resins to ensure superior outdoor durability, plus superior pigment dispersion technology to allow optimum printing performance. Actual and accelerated weather testing has demonstrated that Nazdar inkjet inks withstand two years exterior exposure without a significant change in density or color variance. In keeping with its commitment to provide quality products to the graphic communications industry, Nazdar offers two separate limited warranties to provide customer assurance that the inks will perform reliably during the printing process and on finished graphics.

The approval is significant for Nazdar and demonstrates its growing commitment to the digital ink market. The company is a leading manufacturer of screen printing inks, and in addition offers an extensive range of aqueous, solvent, sublimation, oil-based and UV-curable digital inks for wide and grand format digital printers.

"The digital ink market is an increasingly important part of Nazdar's business," commented Stewart Partridge, OEM and business development director for Nazdar. "Our strategy is to grow our OEM inkjet business significantly and we recognize that we need to combine our extensive expertise with other leading players in the inkjet sector, such as Xaar, to deliver a high-quality, proven and reliable solution."