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XSYS Print Solutions Changes Name to Flint Group Narrow Web


XSYS Print Solutions, a division of Flint Group, changed its name to Flint Group Narrow Web as of March 1, 2008. The name change is the last in a long series of re-branding exercises for the specialist narrow web ink maker, which started out as part of the Akzo Nobel group, then became ANI, then XSYS before its acquisition by Flint Group.
Commenting on the name change, Russell Joyce, president and general manager of Flint Group Narrow Web, said, “For many years the business and company we have represented has continually developed, and now within Flint Group that development continues. The XSYS Print Solutions’ brand name has been the right thing for the business, and the narrow web division has continued to make great progress under this brand. Flint Group, as a whole, offers a unique leading position in the printing and converting industry and by linking our division clearly to the group we show the growing opportunity of what a resourceful supplier is capable of.”
Mr. Joyce said the re-named division will continue to focus on narrow web converters.
“To put it simply, we are dedicated to narrow web, have always been and will stay that way,” Mr. Joyce said. “Operationally and organizationally, there is no change to the narrow web division. We assure you, we will continue to see that the narrow web business is a focused and dedicated division of Flint Group. We will change our name but we see it as a strengthening of our offering. Our mission is still:

• Remain the easiest supplier to do business with.

• Continue to develop our products to offer the highest possible quality in the individual print technologies.

• Remain dedicated to narrow web providing the expertise converters have come to expect.

• Maintain a strong focus on customer service – from small to large global accounts.
“We do this by offering unequalled technical service and support; through the same people that know what narrow web business is about.”
Flint Group Narrow Web offers a full range of UV and water-based products designed for the wider world of label and narrow web printing. With approximately 360 employees, Flint Group Narrow Web provides personalized technical support from 40 locations globally.